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Material Info

Here is more information about the materials that make up our adhesive magnets:

  • Magnet Material: Flexible magnet material is composed of flexible binders of polymers or co-polymers and a magnetic element, commonly a ferrite permanent magnet material. The flexible magnet sheet composed of these two elements is permanently magnetized.
  • Adhesive Material: The adhesive used is a general purpose rubber-based adhesive. This adhesive features a good initial tack and good ultimate adhesion to most paper and paper-related materials. It is recommended that this adhesive be tested for adhesion to synthetic materials, such as plastics, etc. Samples for testing are available upon request.
  • Liner Material: The liner is used to protect the adhesive and is to be removed prior to affixing the magnet to your piece to be magnetized. It is a silicone-coated paper sheet on top of the magnet’s adhesive side.

IMPORTANT: All materials conform to all United States safety and environmental standards.

Magnet materials sold by Adhesive Magnets originate from China.

Product Marking
In accordance with the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection, DHS, Treasury, the adhesive magnets are marked on the back with the designation “Magnetic Material of China.”

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